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Welcome To “Ask Dr Jessica”!

My name is Dr Jessica Hochman and I am a board certified pediatrician, practicing in Southern California. I want to teach you and help you worry less! I have created this webpage to share the knowledge I have learned as a pediatrician and mom.

Episode 68: Constipation! Everthing you need to know. With Dr Tanaz Danialifar MD

Episode 67: Toileting challenges? Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Quiara Smith can help!

Episode 66: Alternative medicine approach to cold & flu season, with pediatrician Elisa Song MD

Episode 65: Depression & teenagers- is ketamine something to consider? with Psychiatrist, Erin Amato MD

Episode 64: Examining how anxiety sneaks into our lives! With anxiety expert, Lynn Lyons

Episode 63: Social media safety and children! with Marc Berkman, CEO Organization for Social Media Safety

Episode 62: The fentanyl epidemic: how to best protect our children? with pain specialist, Dr Andy Leitner

Episode 61: How to avoid choking hazards with children? With Dr Ali Strocker, pediatric ENT

Episode 60: Coughs & Asthma! What to do?!? With Dr. Chavarria, pediatric pulmonologist

Episode 59: How to prevent substance abuse in our children? Part 2 with Jess Lahey!

Episode 58: The Gift of Failure, author Jessica Lahey joins!

Episode 57: A conversation about stomachaches! with gastroenterologist Dr Jonathan Matthew MD

Episode 56: Helping parents navigate challenges, with Child Development Specialist Dr Siggie Cohen PhD

Episode 55: Tongue-tie "clipping" (aka frenotomy); are we over-doing it or have we discovered an under-diagnosed problem? with Pediatric ENT Matthew Brigger MD, MPH

Episode 54: An overview of pediatrics--how are children healthier? with Andrew Matthew MD

Episode 53: How can we help our teens get better sleep? Julie Wright, MFT and Heather Turgeon, MFT

Episode 52: Back to school anxiety, sibling rivalry, and setting limits. With Bette Alkazian, MFT

Episode 51: Can we teach our children to be resilient and develop a high self-esteem? with Dr Joan Rosenberg

Episode 50! Monkeypox, how worried should we be? with Infectious disease doctor, Phil Zakowski MD

Episode 49: What does media do to the child brain? With pediatric neurologist Dr Jane Tavyev

Episode 48: Animal bites! Snakes, spiders, and bats, oh my! with Dr Michael Levine

Episode 47: Basic skin care! And how to treat acne? with Dermatologist Dr David Reid

Episode 46: Medication overdoses, when to worry? With toxicologist, Dr Michael Levine

Episode 45: What to know about childhood seizures? with Dr Lekha Rao

Episode 44: Sprained Ankles and Concussions--how to treat them and when to see a doctor? ! with Dr Tracy Zaslow

Episode 43: Summer tips for a child's ears: Swimming, ear wax, travel and more! w/ Pediatric ENT Dr Ali Strocker

Episode 42: Gender dysphoria, a growing fad or a sign of a more open society? with pediatric psychiatrist, Dr Carl Fleisher

Episode 41: Tips for the athletic child! Part 1: injury prevention with Dr Tracy Zaslow

Episode 40: How to handle toddler tantrums!? w/ toddler expert Devon Kuntzman

Episode 39: Dyslexia! Signs to look for and how to treat it!

Episode 38: Adoption! The most common questions answered, with Dr Jennifer Bliss

Episode 37: Picky eaters! Tips from a pediatrician! With Dr Inessa Grinberg

Episode 36: Supplements & Vitamins, how to know what is safe and advisable? With Dr Pieter Cohen

Episode 35: Birth control methods explained! With Obgyn Matt Zerden, MD

Episode 34: All of your period questions answered! With Obgyn, Dr Sara Twogood

What to do for sunburns? - Ask Dr Jessica Mini-sode #1

Episode 33: Dr Drew discusses teens and substance abuse!

Episode 32: Anxiety expert Lynn Lyons answers your questions--Part 2!

Episode 31: Tips to help your child with anxiety, with anxiety expert, Lynn Lyons

Episode 30: How to think about Media and Covid, with Riaz Patel

Episode 29: How to balance both a career and children? with Dr Jocelyn Chapman

Episode 28: All Your Puberty Questions Answered! w/ Dr Mitch Geffner

Episode 27: Let's help you worry less about COVID-19 and kids! With Dr Lucy McBride

Episode 26: Everything parents need to know about the growth of their children! With Pediatric Endocrinologist, Dr Mitch Geffner.

Episode 25: Ear tubes, tonsillectomies, bloody noses and more! Pediatric ENT 101 w/ Dr Nina Shapiro

Episode 24: How can you protect your child’s hearing? w/ audiologist Dr Rebecca Lewis

Episode 23: How to think about childhood milestones? w/ Dr Carlos Lerner

Episode 22: Asymptomatic COVID Testing: is the juice worth the squeeze?! w/ Dr Michael Hochman

Episode 21: How to pursue a lifetime of Fitness w/ Brianna Battles

Episode 20: The Silver Linings of COVID-19 w/ Dr Andy Leitner

Episode 19: Might your child have ADHD? Dr Carl Fleisher can help!

Episode 18: Does your child avoiding pooping? Let's talk about withholding!

Eat Your Vegetables! How to help children understand why it is important to be healthy.

Episode 16: Anxiety, Medication and Stigma with Dr Carl Fleisher

Episode 15: What's that skin bump? Molluscum contagiosum and warts!

The itch that rashes! Eczema 101

Ask an Allergy Specialist! w/ Dr Katie Marks-Cogan - Ask Dr Jessica

Pregnancy myths, explained!

How Should Parents Deal With Tantrums?

A review of common questions about a child's penis

Childhood Anxiety with Lori Allen, MFT

Constipation, Potty Training and Bed Wetting--talking with a Pediatric Urologist, Dr Andrew Freedman

Is it possible to prevent childhood food allergies? with Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, Board-Certified Allergist

How to sleep train your baby? w/ Renee Wasserman, Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

How to teach your child to read? w/ Ruth Rothfeld-Hochman, Speech & Language Pathologist

Answering pediatric dental questions w/ Pediatric Dentist, Dr Michelle Kelman

Children and headaches! w/ Dr Amy Gelfand, Director of Pediatric Headache at UCSF

Sleep Troubles: Is Melatonin An Option For Children? W/ Dr Amy Gelfand, Pediatric Neurologist

How to prepare and be successful at breastfeeding? w/ Elisa Hirsch, certified lactation consultant

Welcome to Ask Dr Jessica!